white and fluffy

The hippopotamus asks the frog:

"Frog, why are you so nasty, green, slippery?"

And the frog answers him: "Fool, I'm sick, but in general

I'm white and fluffy.''

This section focuses on bad business practices and wrongdoings in business. The name "White and Fluffy" describes the business that conducts depraved business practices and capitalizes on fraud, deception, fornication, and other human vices, always categorically deny the existence of such problems. The Whites and Fluffies use every possible illegal technique to mislead others about the nature of their own business and the source of profit in it. White and fluffy use everything - tax evasion, black salaries, bribes, and kickbacks, cashing out, massive deception of buyers, fraudulent advertising, and even deliberate embedding of fraud in business processes. Follow that to get to know your company, or to prevent you from having such problems. I am in the process of transferring materials about pseudo-Atlanteans of business here. So the rubric will start working in full force a little later. I think this is the second half of 2021. Visit this page to know what not to do in your business.

why white and fluffy

Cato the Elder wrote down a version of the etymology of the generic name Julie. In his opinion, the first bearer of this name Yul received a nickname from the Greek word "ἴουλος" (down, the first hair on the cheeks and chin). The name of the rubric goes back not to an anecdote about a frog but the history of the crucifixion of Christ during the period of the Roman Empire. Pontius Pilate, the Roman prefect of Judea, gave Christ to be crucified. Supposedly, the soldiers who participated in the execution were also Romans.