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Nearby nobody sees the big


Step back.


Try to see the whole Sagrada Familia, coming close to it, and burying your nose in the bricks. With this approach, Sagrada Familia will forever remain three yellow bricks for you. Nevertheless, this is how all modern data analysis technologies see the world - in the form of three yellow bricks. More precisely - in the form of a large number of disassembled bricks. You think you are standing in front of a masterpiece of world architecture. But judging by the data of your analysts, auditors, and financiers, you are standing among a warehouse of scattered bricks. I own my method of testing hypotheses and points of internal control, which allow me to put together a big picture from small, insignificant details. And, of course, a little magic - I know where to look. When do you need that? Always. Standard methods and techniques of control can't detect large-scale fraud and aggravated crimes. Large and significant phenomena are so great that modern analytical techniques make it possible to analyze an event quite deeply into parts. That means - to come closer. However, to see the whole picture and what is more behind the small dots, you need to act on the contrary - step back and move away. The process of detecting large-scale crimes is very similar to the contemplating puantilists paintings. Standing close - you will see nothing but a pile of colored spots. However, as soon as you move further away, the spots begin to form quite distinct images. Modern techniques for analyzing supermassive data are focused on "dots mining" and strokes in a picture. That's not bad. More dots - clearer the image.However, to see the big picture, you need other techniques. These are reverse processes - synthesis and deduction. Before collecting the whole picture, cut off the impossible combinations of color dots on it. In simple terms, two spots located in different parts of the picture cannot simultaneously be together in its third part. The essence of my method is to collect as many relevant details as possible, eliminating the impossible. And step back. In practice, this methodology looks like thousands of small tests, samples, and checks, which are made selectively in a certain way, depending on what problem I solve. After that, with these results, you need to step back and enjoy the whole picture. The history of Smartlinks development is quite simple. At a certain period of my career, I did testing of internal controls for SOX audit consisted of more than 1000 minimum expectations. And none of these expectations in itself did not represent any of the facts of large-scale fraud, financial reporting misstatements, or management crimes that took place. Thus, the SOX compliant company was SOX certified, but not only did not have sufficiently effective internal control procedures but had numerous very large-scale problems from the top management level and above. Small tests are good for catching small rats. However, to lasso Godzilla, you need a more serious tool. This tool is called Smartlinks. I build it into all the products that I create. Smartlinks can also be used to solve relatively peaceful tasks in large companies, to clean up the Augean stables. If you want to hire me, this is the right thing to detect large-scale fraud or large-scale non-production losses in your business, any serious faults in your management from the board, and above. I can not only find them and present you with a fact, but I will help to make sure that this never happens again with you. I will also help you to compensate for the damage caused by the heroes of the occasion. This same technique works well for large, complex, or very unusual criminal offenses, for detecting major economic or political events. Simply put - I can show you an elephant. Kissing an elephant's trunk in a dark room, you will not understand with whom you are dealing. Smartlinks is a thing that will show both the elephant and from where it came. You can buy a mini-me in the form of my magic merchandise. These are business artifacts, which, among other things, find elephants in your business. That's certainly not the only problem they are solving. In the Pink Sapphire product, the methodology is no longer sharpened for elephants but searches for Godzilla and other super-large creatures. Such unusual cases are always handcraft projects. Real craft takes time, meticulousness, and manual work. This is me, my computer, and maybe one programmer. Well, if you need magic balls, potions, and other artifacts, they can be used in the process if I feel that's necessary. But usually, I have enough with a computer and a programmer. So if someone tells you that such projects are very expensive and difficult - do not believe it. It is not difficult and does not require a lot of money and resources, if you have a head on your shoulders, filled with the necessary knowledge, and hands growing from the right place. Well, if between the hands and the head there is also the correct driver in the form of a computer, then the project simply can't "fail."


If your project doesn't meet my criteria, I will readdress your request to my Whale Tail - to the U Ultra Antifaud company, specializing in business disinfection. You can order their services online, read the Elephant section as well, and buy business artifacts with an embedded antifraud module at the BOOST Business Tuning Atelier to improve your performance. In the Ultra Antifraud, you can order business cleaning services to eliminate non-productive losses and fraud. Read more about the Ultra Antifraud at their website.


SEEING BIG. Smartlinks is a technology to extract data from supermassive disintegrated heterogeneous information environments. Smartlinks synthesizes available analytical data using the deduction method to identify significant phenomena, situations, and events staying behind the chain of small-scale and unrelated facts, as that seems to be at first glimpse. Smartlinks allows you to see a large significant event, which is difficult to notice when analyzing low-level data, even if in large quantities.

Application area:

  • modeling and forecasting complex economic and political phenomena and processes

  • automation of management processes for complex economics and organizational structures

  • identification of fraudulent activities, primarily white-collar crimes in organizations of various forms of ownership, which standard control methods or standard checks can't detect

  • cybercrime, cybersecurity, cybercrime investigation

  • automation of consulting

  • automation of business valuation, valuation of other types of complex objects of economic activity

  • identification and elimination of discrepancies (normalization of data and synchronization of reference books) between databases, reference books, data warehouses in complex, heterogeneous, disintegrated environments

  • crimes detection and investigation

  • defense and national security.

Smartilinks is the methodology combined with various hardware and software products.

Where is Smartlinks applied. All HASHEIGHT products contain Smartlinks inside: business artifacts (including Pink Sapphire for the public sector), automated consulting module, automated turnaround module for Turnaround Guide, integrated anti-fraud at Ultra Antifraud, HIRO artifact, cybersecurity system in the HASHEIGHT Game. Smartlinks is built in all HASHEIGHT artifacts as a boxed pre-installed solution with a different scope of functionality.