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I provide private advisory in bloody difficult, deadlock, large-scale turnaround cases, any other complicated or very sensitive corporate turnaround, distress, change management situations. The project shall be based on the profound business substance of the matter, demonstrate prominent meaning, require heavy-weight emergency leadership, need distinguished turnaround professional competencies, and represent for me a notable value-added professional case. In this role, I serve ultra-high net worth people, public authorities, and large-sized conglomerates.


If your project doesn't meet my criteria, I will readdress your request to the Turnaround Guide company, a Mister Simon Catcher. You can order their services online, read the Elephant section as well, and buy business artifacts at the BOOST Business Tuning Atelier to improve your performance. In the Turnaround Guide, you can order automated advisory services, get irregular law support, and order antifraud services. Read more about the Turnaround Guide Squad at their website.


This trilogy is intended for those running a troubled company, state, or organization. The principle of interaction with an iceberg is essentially the same. For those on the Titanic. If you have already found yourself in a complete ass, and with your love for money, acorns, and other garbage caused a catastrophe on a global scale or an explosion of the galaxy, and I cannot advise you, or you do not have money to pay me, then buy a book. Reading will help you pass the time until you meet the iceberg. Well, if you are smart enough and quick enough to use the tips and instructions given in the books, you can avoid this joyful bone-chilling meeting. The books were designed for business founders, executives, boards of directors for public and private companies, state-owned organizations of any kind, and public sector employees. You can order the books one by one or order the gift edition of the trilogy. There are kindle and paperback versions accessible for everyone, and the luxury limited edition of the books for tough guys.