Image by Erwan Hesry




slan·​guage |  \ ˈslaŋ-gwij   \

Definition of slanguage


slangy speech or writing

I made this section to have a place for a collection of materials on related topics before the launch of the HB Publishers project, without using social media. The Holy Bitch Publishers project was created to research slang and criminal jargon from different countries and teach this "slanguage." Whether you like it or not, people speak this language too. And to understand other people better, you need to know this section of linguistics as well. Why HB? Because every year Jim Rogers who is very busy and concise, sends me birthday wishes containing only two letters - HB. That's an abbreviation from Happy Birthday. Some of my other busy friends having access to the internet and an automatic message sending program, send me XO. That's not "hoho" (kinda "Well, bitch" as Ellochka Ludoedka said), or the age, or range of alcohol drink, that's hugs and kisses, and probably in these two letters, there is encrypted a poem with good wishes. People are strange, and their language is very different from those that we study at schools. RHB and BW.

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