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  • About Bandogs

    One of the core breeds at Repnin Kennel Yard is a Bandog. To the collection of Red Collar Dogs: articles about the breed.Американский_бандог

  • Igor Guy

    Several helpful articles about the dogs. I didn't translate them yet, use Google Translator. About dog fights How to spoil a dog

  • Silvia Trkman

    Silvia Trkman is known for bringing every dog, from her first dog on, to the very top of the sport. Her dogs are known for great speed, tight turns, running contacts and long and injury-free careers. Silvia is in agility since 1992 and is – 3x World Champion (with two different dogs) – 5x European Open winner, with 4 different dogs (Lo, La, Bu, Le)!!! – National Championships podium and World Team member with every dog she’s ever had – National Champion for 22-times (with 5 different dogs of 3 different breeds) – World Team member for 19-times (mostly with at least two dogs at the time – sometimes four 🙂 ) Her website: Her mail: RED COLLAR DOG. Repnin Kennel Yard. Professional breeding & training of the working-class dog, cruelty-free sport & fitness for dogs. Relaunching now after the death of all breeding dogs that were all murdered (criminal offense against the owner of the kennel yard). Now working with the following breeds: Dalmatians, Amstaff, Pitbull, Bandog, Fila Brasileiro, Weimaraner. Launching in progress, full roll-out 2022. #repninkennelyard #dogsbreeding #dogstraining #dalmatian #amstaff #bandog #filabrasileiro #pitbull #weimaraner #raevskayarepninaannamariaserafima #аннамариясерафимараевскаярепнина #startedinoxford #oxfordbusinessalumni #oxfordsbs #moscow #london #russia #uk #raevskayarepninaannamariaserafimasergeevna #raevskayarepnina #annamariaserafimasergeevnaraevskayarepnina #раевскаярепнинааннамариясерафима #аннамариясерафимараевскаярепнина

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  • Raevskaya-Repnina | Anna Maria Serafima Sergeevna Raevskaya-Repnina | Russia

    in the black. The idea is not to live forever, but create something, that will. Andy Warhol HOLY WITCH WHO THE FUCK IS ALICE? No photo because #2. I DON'T KNOW #2 Flying Whale Raevskaya-Repnina is an entrepreneur, CEO, owner, and founder of the BOOST private equity firm , total assets NAV is $460 bln as of December 31st, 2020 (RAP financial statements). CEO, owner, and founder of the HASHEIGHT techno corporation , BOOST business tuning atelier , U Ultra Antifraud , 2R law firm , TURNAROUND GUIDE advisory company, BOOST venture fund , Rare Food , Rare Apparel , Happy Kids , Happy Harry , RBS , Blek Sheep , and others new age, innovative, sustainable businesses. Turnaround Guide Raevskaya-Repnina is a corporate turnaround and business transformation professional with more than 20 years of experience in various well-known companies, including Fortune-500. More>> Many-Faced Raevskaya-Repnina possesses more than 20 years of extensive professional experience in private equity, corporate finance, accounting, economics, audit, law, and corporate governance in various companies, including Fortune-500. Oxford Business Alumni, CIA, CCSA, CISA. At present, Raevskaya-Repnina upgrades her skills and studies in parallel at Harvard University, Stanford University, MIT, the University of People in law, economics, medicine, computer science, physics, marketing, communication. More>> Immortal Raevskaya-Repnina is a part of the Rurikovichi Chernigovskiye and Raevskiye dynasties. She is a Grand-granddaughter of Nikolay Raevsky, the Russian General, a hero of the Napoleon war of 1812, and Nikolay Repnin, Field Marschal, Imperial Russian statesman, and general from the Repnin princely family. Having this origin, Raevskaya-Repnina represents a variety of noble and royal dynasties from Russia and abroad. That gives her a legal right to bear several princely titles in Russia and beyond. More>> HOLY SHIT OR What's the hell i'm doing Private equity & Venture capital High-end business products Digital design Corporate turnaround Miracles by request Witchcraft Raevskaya-Repnina builds up more than 30 businesses in alternative investments, IT, game development, inclusive products for people with disabilities, software, hardware, cybersecurity, diversified manufacturing, new materials, alternative energy, recycling, consumer goods, human augmentation, healthcare, robotics, veterinary, pet care, education, entertainment. More>> righty Anna Maria Serafima Raevskaya-Repnina is an author of 13 books dedicated to alternative investments, entrepreneurship, corporate turnaround, natural law, economics, finance. More>> debride Anna Maria Serafima Raevskaya-Repnina is an author of 4 inventions and 2 software products. More>> CONTACTS That's a graphic image from the Raevskaya-Repnina website. Read more on PUSH ME IF YOU ARE the nicest, coolest, cleverest person in the world! I CAN'T PEOPLE TODAY.

  • CONTACTS | Raevskaya-Repnina |

    HOW TO Contact Me PLEASE DON'T. Communication Manifest Do not send me offers to buy your business or invest in your projects.​ I have a closed shopping list with goals for the next ten years and a strategy. If you are on the list, your turn will come. More anxiety than pitches to the wrong address can cause only offers to buy real estate or a space degree business crap at the same space price. Don't send me your resume. I never take anyone who comes by himself and asks for a job. I have my private magic list of companies from which I hire or plan to hire people. And the same list of people. If you are on this list, I will contact you. Do not send me offers to participate in paid ratings and contests. If you think what I and my companies do is good - you can write about it yourself. Neither I nor my companies participate in the ratings, which can be reached by paying for a seat. Do not send me service offers. There are many great developers, real estate specialists, recruiting specialists in this world, and many other things that everyone needs. I don't hire anyone who comes on their own. I have another magical closed list with whom I cooperate or want to cooperate. If you are in it, I will contact you. Do not send me trade offers. I do not sell ice cream, sugar, light bulbs from China, equipment from Malaysia, or any other trade. I will not reply to the trade spam. Do not send me serious offers of cooperation without recommendations. If you think that your project is meaningful and cool enough so that I have to do it - please confirm your reliability with a recommendation from someone from Oxford Business Alumni, Saint Hugh's College, Said Business School, or my friends. The list is open and is on my website. Please make sure you provide the correct name when sending me an email. To write me a letter indicating the wrong name or surname - automatically means no answer to it. I won't even read the text. I don't read letters addressing someone else. I read only correspondence addressed to me. You wrote me and did not receive an answer. That's not a technical error. Shit always happens if your message does not match the communication manifest. Kindly reminder. In the vast majority of countries sending spam is a crime. Contact Me Contact Form First Name Last Name Email Phone Message Submit Thanks for submitting! E-mail FOCUSING IS NOT ABOUT SAYING YES. FOCUSING IS ABOUT SAYING NO.

  • Terms of Use | | Moscow | Russia

    TRANSLATION DISCLAIMER This website related to the project or company which is a part of the Rare Earth Group or its affiliates BOOST, HASHEIGHT, Turnaround Guide, 2R, Ultra Antifraud, Rare Food, Rare Apparel, BOOST Business Tuning Atelier, BOOST Venture Fund, Happy Harry, Happy Kids, Blek Sheep. This website was proudly automatically translated by Google. The translation left intentionally horrible and was not tailored by a proofread due to the following reasons. Google Translator is an embedded pre-settled uncustomized solution for , the website platform development provider serving us. As you will see, the translation is a kind of horrible disaster, up to some degree just partially reflecting the real sense of thoughts that we strove to bring to your attention. We know that, and we didn't adjust that, and we probably won't do that in the future due to the following reasons. Google translator is a product of a mass cognitive activity that involved the thinking, skills, knowledge, and view of many people. We don't think that developing this product so many people set a target to do a crapy funny tool murdering the English language and the other languages. Probably, in their creation, these people together were led to create something great and helpful. However, the core in product development is user acceptance testing. That means that somebody who knows the language well estimates the quality of such translation. Reading the texts after the Google translation, we may suppose that in the Google Translator development, this essential step was omitted or missed partially or in the whole. As long as many people are working for Google and proud of their job, we assume that their work shall be visible and apparent results shall give them the fame they deserve. Every time you see the crapy translation on our website, think about Google. Not about us. So, Google shall change its products. Google offers them representing them as a ready-to-use solution. Not we shall change our translation. As you know, search engines use the same kind of machine translation to adopt and recognize the website's content to offer you the best choice, by the opinion of search engines and another squad of intelligent, clever developers probably not less talented than Google team. So, you can enjoy crapy translation twice. As far as both kinds of solutions - Google Translation and machine search engines - are done by people, and, unfortunately, we have extensive experience of communication with people and doing business abroad (so we have enjoyed for many years a human-made translation as well) we don't consider an option of human-made translation as a better scenario. Until hiring of native-speakers, we can't guarantee the quality of content regardless of who translated that. It takes time. Please, be patient in your dealing with us. All our websites are writing about serious things requiring hard thinking. No chance for us with our main topic even embed a small anecdote. However, the crapy translation brings much fun to our websites. We think it shall be a crime to deprive our readers of pleasure to laugh at this Google pissed of art. Alibaba didn't stop doing business due to an automated translation from Chinese. Just in case - the automated translation from oriental languages is one of the most horrible things. An internet itself, is an invention preliminary created by English-speaking people for English-understanding hardware. That appears everywhere - in fonts, typefaces, interfaces, hardware, software, and other products of intellectual activity of English-speaking people. We love the English language native speakers. But in the whole eight bln world, they are about 400 mln that means about 5% of the total population. We can't change that. We can try to offer tailored software and hardware with preinstalled translation and typography for the rest of 7.6 bln people in the world. That's our task on which we are working now. To make a text accessible for both kinds of trash makers - Google and search engines - we can't write the text in the form we desire to do that's suitable for live people. We shall simplify the text, phrases and exclude many things with a loss of meaning in some cases to make the websites understandable for machines. 6. When you use our final products or visit localized websites, you will be sure of the quality of the text and that this brings the message intended to you. 7. As we are initially a digital, high-tech company, an English language is a Gold standard for all our websites, products, and materials. 8. If you are in doubt about the content of this website, use the predominant English version, the original version of the materials. Moscow, Russian Federation May 29th, 2021 Rare Earth Group

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