Quantum Leaps Guide. God Crash Course.

Quantum Leaps Guide. God Crash Course.

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RELEASE DATE 15.10.2020


Every one of us has a true destination where needs to reach during life.

Hence the majority live someone else's life. People choose the wrong job, the wrong spouse,  wrong country to live, and do many other wrong choices that together at the end of the day leads to the life not compliant to the real destiny of the person. How to understand do you live right or wrong life, and how to change everything? Read the book to get the answers.


The author of the book is Raevskaya-Repnina, CEO, Owner & Founder of the BOOST.


BOOST is a turnaround stage private equity firm specializing in late-stage mature companies, toxic assets, startups in insolvency, and cutting edge seed projects.

BOOST's business model based on the core competence to manage company value. BOOST possesses many years of unique experience ensuring the ability to maximize the value of the portfolio assets. BOOST renders assets management & GP services, corporate turnaround advisory, business transformation, interim, execution of complicated M&A cross-border transactions, management of super-large projects.

The BOOST has been established in 2014 with the equity $83k, financed at the own savings of the founder with zero debt level.

As of December 31st, 2019, the portfolio NAV is more than $189.25 bln with zero debt level. BOOST demonstrates performance above all relevant market benchmarks.

Anna Maria Serafima Sergeevna Raevskaya-Repnina, grand-granddaughter of Nikolay Raevsky, the Russian General, a hero of the Napoleon war of 1812, and Nikolay Repnin, Field Marschal, Imperial Russian statesman, and general from the Repnin princely family.










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Release: 2020

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