HOLY STORE preorder regulation.

1. HOLY STORE conducts a healthy legal business and does not collect advances for undelivered products. We do not require prepayment when you make a preorder.

2. In HOLY STORE terminology, preorder goods in a store means taking a queue for a product, which is especially important in the case of limited products.

3. At HOLY STORE, you can preorder certain items that are temporarily out of stock or are pending delivery.

4. Certain items may only be purchased in the store only by preorder.

5. No prepayment is required to place a preorder. No money will be charged when placing a preorder.

5. Upon receipt of the goods in the store, pay for it by the buyer is made in the usual manner upon delivery of the goods to the buyer, which is carried out in cash following applicable law.

6. Purchasing goods on credit in the HOLY STORE is not possible, as well as paying with credit cards.

7. Placing a pre-order in the store is necessary to form a queue for individual limited products that are produced in a limited edition or small series, and which will not be reproduced in this form.

8. In the HOLY STORE store, prepayment for goods, including limited items, is not accepted. We ship goods in order of the queue for ordered goods.

9. If you wish to purchase an item before your position in the queue, you can moving in the queue to the top of the list if there is a refusal to pay and receiving pre-ordered items by buyers who have pre-ordered the item earlier.

10. This text could be translated in whole or in part using machine translation tools.

Moscow, Russia

May 13th, 2021

Individual Entrepreneur Raevskaya-Repnina Anna Maria Serafima Sergeevna.