Information about the payments

1. At the moment you can purchase on the website of Raevskaya-Repnina only books. To pay for the participation in the education courses, or other events, go to the Events page and follow the links to the Timepad to register online and pay for the course. All goods sold on the website are designated for the 21+ people.

2. On we accept payments by banking cards of the generally accepted systems (Visa, Мир, Master Card) and payments made by the Pay Pal.

3. The delivery of preordered goods is executed within 5 hours up to 10 working days depending on the type of delivery selected by the customer during the ordering process, and the location of the customer.

4. To make payments, go to the Bookstore page in the main menu and select the item which you are going to buy, follow the instruction to order the books. 

5. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the acquired books, please return this immediately at our costs by the delivery to the postal address: 125009, Moscow, Vozdvizhenka, 10. If you are not satisfied with the electronic books, for any reason, acquired on the website, we guarantee your money back. To claim your money back, send the request to the e-mail We proceed with your request within 48 hours, however, the exact date of the money return depends on the bank issued your banking card or rules and regulation of the PayPal.

6. To pay for the advisory services rendered by Raevskaya-Repnina, speaking engagements, private classes, contact her directly by, to get the RFQ, invoice and pay money transfer to the bank account.

7. We do not accept checks, and cash in any form, except online payments made on the website, by PayPal, or to Raevkaya-Repnina bank's account.

This section contains information about payments by banking cards and the e-store requisites.

Individual Entrepreneur Raevskaya-Repnina A.M.S.S.

OGRNIP 319508100317305

Tax ID (INN) 631607133496

Bank account: 40802810900120000782

BIC 044525411

Corr.acc. 30101810145250000411

VTB Bank (Public Joint-Stock Company)

For payments in USD:




Business Address: Moscow, 125009, Vozdvizhenka, 10

Phone: +7 925 382 63 08


Information about payment by cards. 



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