Privacy Policy

1. This site (hereinafter referred to as the Site) is managed by Anna Maria Serafima Sergeevna Raevskaya-Repnina (hereinafter referred to as the Site Administration). The site administration complies with all the applicable law requirements to handle orders, and communication with all site users, site customers who pay for services or goods sold on the site.

2. The site administration unconditionally respects all its users, without exception, and adopts unified privacy and privacy policy for all. This means that your data that you consider necessary to inform the Site Administration is used solely and exclusively for the purposes for which you provide such data. We never offer you to accept by default various conditions violating your rights, and never make them necessary for the execution of your order, or registration on the site. By registering on the Site for the purpose of ordering goods or services, you can be sure that your data will be used only for its implementation.3. The site administration does not collect, store, transfer to third parties, and does not distribute any information containing your data, except for the data necessary to collect and deliver to you your order paid through the Site. Access to information about site customers is available only to the site administration. Information about the customers of the Site used solely to fulfill the order, to reflect order data in accounting, to identify payments.

4. We inform you that in addition to the Site Administration, access to your data can be obtained by the site hosting and site administration services provider Wix Inc., the bank receiving the payment from you, the bank sending the payment from you, and the payment system. The Site Administration notifies that the privacy policies applied by these counterparties may differ, and most likely differ in the direction that is less stringent and respecting the rights of users, in this regard, the Site Administration assures that any possible violations in the processing of personal data will not be committed by the fault of the Site Administration, however, may be allowed by these third parties. The Site Administration requests to immediately report all detected cases of violation of the rules for the processing of confidential information and personal data that were transferred to the Site Administration or these persons during the processing and execution of the order placed and paid on the Site.

5. The Site Administration does not collect, analyze, store any information about the users of the site, except for collecting data on-site traffic statistics, device and operating system parameters, the communication service provider, the visitor’s geographic location, information about the visited pages - duration of visit and statistics of viewing materials. This is done solely for security reasons and is not used in any way for marketing purposes. This information is available only to the Site Administration and the provider of the software application posted on the site for this collection and analysis.

6. The Site Administration does not carry out any marketing mailings and automatic alerts to users and customers of the site, except sending letters to the Site customers directly related to the implementation of your order. We ask you to report all cases of receiving spam emails and marketing communications carried out on behalf of the Site.

7. We never offer customers of the Site to automatically accept the direction of marketing messages and the use of data from customers of the Site for marketing purposes. If you see a similar form when using the Site or placing an order on it, please notify us by e-mail

8. You can subscribe to the site and blog updates on the site by filling out the subscription form. Without filling that, which is not associated with any other operations on the site, you will not receive any updates about the site or blog.

9. You may request the deletion of your data and order information at any time. We will not require the hardcopy with the written statement, just write us the request to the email In this case, we will delete all your data without exception and ask to do the same our service providers, except data that cannot be deleted accordingly to the certain law requirements (for example, payment information reflected in banking systems).

10. Any questions related to the receipt, processing, storage of personal data should be sent to the email


Important notice.

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Moscow, Russia

January 9th, 2020.

Individual Entrepreneur Raevskaya-Repnina Anna Maria Serafima Sergeevna.

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