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To stay alive.


In 2001 I created my law firm "Consul," which ceased to exist because I was not ready to provide a product demanded by the wild market of the 90s. It was the liquidation of enterprises without checking for bribes, cashing, and other similar things. Due to circumstances, I still had to return to the profession since 2007, specializing in hostile takeovers, mergers and acquisitions, and complex problematic tax cases. I now have my law firm, 2R, which deals with irregular law. Irregular law is a legal anomaly in which no laws work, except for the norms of natural law. There is only one way to win in irregular law cases - to remain human. To remain human means to consider all actions in the case of an irregular law in the context of the norms of natural law and general ethics. At the same time, it is necessary to see the offender's actions and motive in the case as broadly as possible. That requires understanding not only the law but many social, cultural, and religious details. 2R works on the victim's side in complex cases of irregular law. These are large-scale cases against organized crime, corporate fraud, hostile takeovers, religious crimes, corruption and bribery, and some categories of economic crimes against national security. Also, sometimes we brother for smaller but complex and very non-standard cases. I work with very unusual, large, significant, and confidential projects - e.g., to dress the Gorgon's hair or feed the Minotaur. If your case meets my criteria and notable for me, I will probably accept an offer to work on it.


If your project doesn't meet my criteria, I will readdress your request to the 2R Law Firm company. You can order their services online, read the Elephant section as well, and buy business artifacts at the BOOST Business Tuning Atelier to improve your performance. In the 2R, you can order irregular law services, get irregular law support, and order business protection services - tailored advisory in corporate governance and hostile takeovers matters. Read more about the 2R at their website.


2R possesses the unique methodology and standardized approach to win in complicated hard-weight cases. That is scalable and called "Project Gamma." The Gamma includes standards and manuals on how to act in many detailed aspects of hard-weight litigations even they seem as with no chance for success and when the statute of limitations lapsed.

They are:

  • 360-degree approach, when we consider all issues that matter in the case context - business, economy, politics, religion, personal matters of the offenders, etc.

  • Smartlinks tool

  • treat the case as a one battle

  • use the institute of civil case in the criminal process

  • restore the statute of limitations by collecting evidence and promote a narrative aiming to collect missing facts and documents to get the whole body of evidence

  • unified case strategy

  • unified claims handling strategy

  • unified rules on how to behave in the probable situations that the claimant can face during the process

  • unified communication strategy

  • unified evidence handling strategy

  • a unified approach to the business continuity of the victim to save the company during the battle.


Working on projects, 2R takes into account absolutely all aspects of the case. The most important of them is the biology of human behavior, religious and cultural norms, natural law, characteristics of distinguished social groups, national traditions, and many other things - natural language, symbolism in fine art and fashion, slanguage, and many other small details invisible to an uninitiated person or seem insignificant at first glance. Read more at the Elephant section of the 2R's website.

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That's the last book of the General Management trilogy. The book is designated to provide a detailed guideline on how to deal with the company in a special situation - hostile takeover if you are a victim, in crisis, bankruptcy, distress, turnaround, or any changes creating the sustainability risks for your company. When your company faces an emergency, you do not have a lot of time to think, find consultants, etc. You have to act very fast, be focused, and right for the first time. This book is an essential manual to use in such situations to keep your company safe and secure. Many companies in an emergency suffer the existential crisis. They go bankrupt, have a downturn in business that they cannot cope with, lose their position in the market. Roughly speaking, they can't cope with the challenges they face at a certain point in their life that sooner or later comes to every business. No one has immunity against emergencies. They are the ones that are regularly and frequently occurred in the life of any organization at any stage of the life cycle. The paradox is that usually businesses are built, organized, and managed in such a way as they are immortal, the product they produce will be in demand forever, no one in the world will ever invent anything better, and they have full coverage insurance for the 100% of the events in their life. What could be worse than denying the possibility of an emergency? To refuse the true nature of the emergency, and refuse the necessity of special knowledge allowing that to be resolved. There are no proven "recipes for success" because every happy family is equally happy. Every unhappy family is unhappy in its way. In an emergency, you will have to act quickly, blindly, guided only by a general knowledge of the direction where you want to arrive. Just an understanding of which actions could work and which won't guide you in this way. And most likely, more than half of the actions that you take, and perhaps almost all, will not lead you to success. And you will have to go through these salvation recipes until at least one of them works. In this book, you will find these recipes that you do not have to come up with, which will save you quite a lot of time. Besides, these recipes have a low ineffectiveness rate, which will save you time and money. You will also find here a small guide on how to combine them. Hopefully, if you apply them, they may save your business.