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In case of emergency, very special situations, impossible, or deadlock stories, I can provide advisory services which cover alternative investments, asset management, private equity, and venture capital topics. I advise on asset management in the real sector, boost their value and equity, enhance the capital structure, and various other aspects of corporate governance. My core specialization is how to get sizable business improvement to increase equity and enterprise value. Also, I am advising on investment portfolio structure, business valuation, valuation of stocks and bonds, and may sporadically provide an official opinion about that.


Instead of hiring me, you can meet my deputy Mister Pink Rabbit in form of a book or comics. On the BOOST's website, you may find the Elephant section with essential materials, which you may find helpful if you work in alternative investments and assets management industries. There is a lot of handy information that you can use. In the Comics section, you may get for free an investment inspiration reading the investment magic comics following Mister Pink Rabbit.


It is a monstrous delusion that equity management in non-public companies is a mystical, magical process, and that is intuition and a continuous process of permanent insights. Indeed, the living business and everything that happens in it is a very intense and eventful management object, but it is quite possible to structure, describe, formalize, and set an algorithm for actions. This algorithm is described in the book. I have founded in 2014 the BOOST private equity firm, with my equity of $83k. Since that time BOOST has been transformed into a debt-free private equity fund with a $460 bln assets portfolio under management, specializing in late-stage companies, toxic assets, and disruptive startups. It wasn't my goal to deliver you a breathtaking romantic book about the wild world of private equity in emerging markets. You probably will not find everything that happens in the equity management process in this book, and of course, you will not find guidance for all special situations. However, you get a very working essential guide on what to do with a company if you want to add value to its equity.