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You are not expected there.


It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to go to heaven. Even if you intend to do an honest business following the norms of your religion, you may have subordinates. They often are much less religious and less aware of what is good and what is wrong. We are talking not only about the violation of the basic commandments. Employees in your business commit criminal offenses that often consist of seemingly innocent minor wrongdoings. That relates to the sphere of sin but creates for you the direct risk to go to jail. It is a mistake to believe that your employees alone are responsible for the sin of your employees. If you maintain and develop such a business, capitalizing on the sins of fraud, theft, deception, perjury, and other vices, that will have a direct bearing on you. Fix your business sooner than it's too late.

TO meet Toby the devil

We have great news for you! Using the book "How to go to hell," you increase your chances to go to Hell and speed up that process. "How to go to hell" it's a big business book of bad advice. Following them, you will be driven directly to the Toby devil and will be able to say to him "HELLo!" in person. In this book, you may find many examples of how to do your business and which hellish points shall be integrated into your business processes to meet Toby the devil faster. Don't limit your exciting adventure on the road to Hell yourself. Take as many people as you can - your executives, managers, and employees. Involve them extensively into building up of hellish business, and you will get a chance to replicate that in the Hell. Of course, only when you will be not busy with the burning process. However, eternity is absolutely enough, and you will find the time for all amusements in Hell. Extend your Hell presence, and make a gift to all your business partners and family. However, you can use this book in another way - find out the hellish business practices, eliminate them, and do not go to Hell. It's up to you - how you are going to use that.


If you aren't ready to enjoy British humor forever and don't like an idea to take infinite hot fire baths, order Infernal Audit to eliminate hellish practices in your business and use "How to go to Hell" as a guideline to identify wrongdoings and sins in your business before Toby the devil says you "Hello!"


As a part "How To Go To Hell" project, U Ultra Antifraud performs an "infernal audit" complimented to the book. Issues described in this "bad advice book-in-progress" aren't just operational problems. They represent massive fraudulent business activity, violation of law regulations, crime commitment. We perform checks and audit procedures to detect the existence of "How to go to hell" practices in your business and helps you to eliminate them. We are guided not by a specific religion. We use the commonly applicable norms of natural law and generally accepted commandments which you can easily find in every religion - do not kill, do not steal, do not lie, and many others. You can order online Infernal Audit at the U Ultra Antifraud here. It's my business. Or hire me, if you want to perform a confidential engagement.


HOW TO GO TO HELL. CRASH COURSE FOR DUMMIES. This book guides how to do "Infernal business" - a business that capitalizes on fraud, destroys the spirit of entrepreneurship, and the soul of "infernal entrepreneurs." Here you will find bad advice on how to ruin your company fastly and effectively to go to hell. If you read them and recognize your business, you know what awaits you if you don't change your entrepreneurial practice. "Infernal business" is based on a fraudulent business model, consumer deception, lies, distortion, misleading, and other ways of the same kind to illegally take money out of a client's pocket. Many companies elevate this "what's the hell are you doing skill" to the level of "best practices," considering as a doubtful achievement these ways of making money: selling expired products, replacing "best before date" tags on takeaways, sending spam, using aggressive neuromarketing, dishonestly stimulate spontaneous purchases of unnecessary things, charging interest at higher rates based on conditions written in microscopic font somewhere on the 140th page of the agreement with the bank, and use other elegant "sources of cash flow generation." The worst way to get a business out of capitalizing on fraud is to prohibit it. But explaining to consumers, among other things, how the "infernal business" makes money and what kind of legal and spiritual consequences such entrepreneurship creates, we can at least make consumers more protected. Explaining to "infernal entrepreneurs" the full scale of their actions' consequences also can make an impact. The vast majority of them don't even consider "infernal fraud" as illegal and don't expect a prosecution for that. In this book, all the business methods of the "Infernal business" are explained, and shown as bad advice: how exactly you need to "earn" money to go to hell in the fastest and the most effective way. We hope that after reading this book, many entrepreneurs will change their attitude toward their companies and the business processes organized in them. We believe that consumers will become more protected and stop losing money through the fault of fraudsters.