1. The price of the goods selling through the Holy Store includes the cost of the goods and delivery of the goods to your door at a convenient time for you.

  2. Due to the high price and distinguished properties of the goods sold, the delivery of products sold through the store is carried out at the expense of the store.

  3. The Holy Store selects the company that will deliver each product item in each case.

  4. We do not guarantee that in each case the delivery will be carried out by the store staff. However, we guarantee that for each of your purchases, we will choose a delivery service provider whose quality, costs, and capability to secure your purchase is best suited to the delivery of each item to the buyer.

  5. We work with a specific set of companies, but we cannot guarantee that this list is final and unchangeable.

  6. The shopping experience in our store doesn't include customer litigation with shipping and logistics companies. The Holy Store handles and resolves any purchase-related shipping claims.

  7. This text could be translated in whole or in part through machine translation.

Moscow Russian Federation

May 21, 2021

Individual entrepreneur Raevskaya-Repnina Anna Maria Serafima Sergeevna.