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Communication Manifest

Do not send me offers to buy your business or invest in your projects.​

I have a closed shopping list with goals for the next ten years and a strategy. If you are on the list, your turn will come. More anxiety than pitches to the wrong address can cause only offers to buy real estate or a space degree business crap at the same space price.

Don't send me your resume.

I never take anyone who comes by himself and asks for a job. I have my private magic list of companies from which I hire or plan to hire people. And the same list of people. If you are on this list, I will contact you.

Do not send me offers to participate in paid ratings and contests.

If you think what I and my companies do is good - you can write about it yourself. Neither I nor my companies participate in the ratings, which can be reached by paying for a seat.

Do not send me service offers.

There are many great developers, real estate specialists, recruiting specialists in this world, and many other things that everyone needs. I don't hire anyone who comes on their own. I have another magical closed list with whom I cooperate or want to cooperate. If you are in it, I will contact you.

Do not send me trade offers.

I do not sell ice cream, sugar, light bulbs from China, equipment from Malaysia, or any other trade. I will not reply to the trade spam.

Do not send me serious offers of cooperation without recommendations.

If you think that your project is meaningful and cool enough so that I have to do it - please confirm your reliability with a recommendation from someone from Oxford Business Alumni, Saint Hugh's College, Said Business School, or my friends. The list is open and is on my website.

You wrote me and did not receive an answer.

Shit always happens if your message does not match the communication manifest.


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