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In 2018 my first book was published using the Ridero service. Next, during three years of the license agreement, I did not receive a dime from the sale of books, and according to Ridero's reports, only three sold. Ridero did not transfer my money even for these three books. I used the paid version of the Ridero service, but apart from the non-stop mass mailing of exhausting spam, I did not see any benefits from cooperation with Ridero, aggressively promoted self-publishing service here in Russia. For an unknown reason, my book was distributed widely for free through many websites and publishers. Until the present time, I don't know what happened to it. As long as I didn't write only one book, I was very concerned about the others. Considering such an "infernal experience" to cooperate with Ridero, it didn't have the sense to publish any books on Ridero again.

Starting 2019, I tried to break off relations with Ridero, but this was also impossible and looked like silent sabotage. Apart from the continuous sending of spam in response to me and rudeness from employees, I was never able to terminate the license agreement in compliance with the Russian law, not with the "exclusive" infernal legal field of Ridero. Since 2020, I've broken all my relationship with Ridero (hence that didn't stop Ridero from continuing to sending me spam, where they every time completely distorted my name and considering the contract with me as "still valid"), and now I am reediting and preparing books for publication on my web site, and at the other platforms. It takes some time. Therefore, at the moment, you can familiarize yourself with the summary of my books, but their purchase will be available later. I apologize for any inconvenience.

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