Raevskaya-Repnina Anna Maria Serafima Sergeevna 


Raevskaya-Repnina Anna Maria Serafima Sergeevna(b. March 1, 1978, the city of Kuibyshev, Kuibyshev region of the RSFSR) is a Russian entrepreneur, woman-founder of the BOOST private equity fund, the HASHEIGHT technology corporation, and more than 30 startups in the field of technology, industrial production, industrial materials, IT, consumer products, biotechnology, veterinary medicine. The main business is sustainable investing, impact projects, ESG, and ultra-innovative projects that are transforming people's lives.

Professional and scientific activity is interdisciplinary and belongs to the fields of technology, business, IT, physics, biology, and law. An independent female entrepreneur who made her wealth on her own. The size of BOOST's net assets according to RAP reporting data (forecast as of December 31, 2020), is $460 billion, excluding the value of assets of subsidiaries. EconomistLawyer, CIA (Certified Internal Auditor), CISA (Certified IT Auditor), CCSA (Certified Internal Control Self-Assessment).

Specializes in private equityasset managementcorporate turnaround, technology. She holds an MBA, a graduate of Oxford UniversitySaid Business SchoolOxford Business Alumni, a fellow of St. Hugh's College. From 2016 to 2020, she was elected Vice President of the Oxford Business Alumni Steering Committee (Moscow Chapter). The great-granddaughter of the hero of the war of 1812, General N.N. Raevsky (see also Raevskie coat of arms "Swan", PrzhemyslovichiVukanovichi) and Prince N.V. Repnin, Field Marshal General, a famous politician of the Catherine era, a representative of the noble princely family of the Repnins (see also RurikovichiHabsburgsHabsburg-LorraineArpadok). A representative of the ancestral dynasties of StenkilesYnglingsHouse of Gorm, Piastowice, VozheslavovichLuitpoldingsOldenburgsSkjöldungsHolstein-Gottorp, and others. Among the direct ancestors of Raevskaya-Repnina was the great-great-great-grandmother Maria Nikolaevna Raevskaya-Volkonskaya, and the great-great-great-grandfather of Raevskaya-Repnina, Prince Sergei Grigorievich VolkonskyMikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov (great-grandfather of Raevskaya-Repnina in the 6th generation), and many other well-known noble people and public figures. The author of 14 books, 4 inventions, 2 software products, conducts scientific and educational activities.


Born in 1978 in the city of Kuibyshev, the Kuibyshev region of the RSFSR. Her father is a surgeon, her mother is an engineer. In 1980, after graduation, the parents moved to live in the Magadan Region, where they lived until 1991. In 1985 she entered the specialized English school No. 11 in the city of Kuibyshev, which was traditionally graduated by her relatives, including her mother. In 1986 she moved to live with her parents in the Magadan Region, where she lived until 1991. From childhood, she studied music, studied at a music school, piano, participated in competitions. She graduated from the Children's Music School No. 3 in Samara in 1993, after which she was going to enter a music school. The parents categorically forbade doing this and insisted on graduating from a school with a specialization in technical subjects.

Graduated in 1995 from the Samara Technical Lyceum at the Kuibyshev Polytechnic Institute, economic class. At the Lyceum she studied mathematics, physics, chemistry, and computer science in depth. In 1995 she entered the Samara State Order of the Badge of Honor Economic Academy, studied at the Faculty of Accounting and Economics, specializing in Accounting and Audit in Industry. In 2000 she received her diploma in economics with honors. In 2000 she entered the faculty of second higher education at the Samara State Order of the Badge of Honor, the Economic Academy, where she studied in the specialization "Legal regulation of business activity." In 2003, she also received a diploma with honors as a lawyer. One of the first professional internal auditors in Russia. Since 2003 he has been a member of The Institute of Internal Auditors, USA. In 2005 she received the CCSA (Certified in Control Self-Assessment) certificate. In 2009 she received the CIA (Certified Internal Auditor, The IIA) professional recognition, in 2016 she received the CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor, ISACA).

In 2016 she entered the University of People with a degree in Bachelor, Computer Science. She dropped out of school due to a conflict with the Sistema. In 2020, she recovered at the university. She also applied to the University of People for the specialty Bachelor, Health Science. In 2020, she continued her studies, completed several distance courses at the University of Michigan, Harvard University, Stanford University, MIT in physics, biology of human behavior, neurophysiology, and IT. 

During her studies at the Lyceum, she began working at the age of 13. She worked on weekends as a seller at a flea market, selling shoes. She earned her pocket money and clothes. Until graduation from her first higher education, she constantly worked part-time. She officially began her career in 1996 as a secretary-assistant. In 2001, she organized her first independent business, established the Consul law firm. In 2002, she returned to work as a hired employee, to the position of head of the management accounting department in the Sibirskiy Bereg company. In 2007 she moved to Moscow. In 2013, she ended her career as an employee after leaving the Sistema. She has founded BOOST in 2014. Then, in 2015, she founded the HASHEIGHT company, and in the period from 2016 to 2020 there are more than 20 projects that she is currently successfully developing.


Mother of Raevkaya-Repnina, Shumilova Tatyana Vladimirovna (Andreeva), is an electrical engineer, graduated from specialized school No. 11 with in-depth study of the English language, then the Kuibyshev Polytechnic Institute, received a second higher education at the Samara State Order Badge of Honor of the Economic Academy with a degree in Finance and Credit, and also graduated technical school specializing in accounting. During her life in the Magadan region, she worked as a seamstress, after returning to Samara as a bank teller. 

Father Shumilov Sergei Mikhailovich, doctor, surgeon, orthopedic traumatologist of the highest category. He graduated from the Samara State Medical University, where he completed his residency. After the institute, he studied with Professor G.A. Ilizarov, studied methods of surgical osteosynthesis. During his life in the Magadan region, he worked as an urgent surgeon, operated on difficult patients in tundra conditions, with minimally available medicines and instruments. 

Raevskaya-Repnina herself says that the flow of grateful patients did not stop to their home, because her father saved more than one human life, and that they were traveling to him for surgery from all over the Far East. Raevskaya-Repnina's parents moved to the Magadan region for the northern allowances and northern experience, after graduation. The move took place after the maternal brother of Raevskaya-Repnina's grandfather, Andreev Gennady Nikolayevich, a KGB colonel, who went to the Magadan region to serve in distribution.

In 2002, the parents of Raevskaya-Repnina divorced. 

The maternal family is oil workers. 

Andreev Vladimir Nikolaevich, Honored Geologist, previously headed the Kuibyshev branch of the Institute of Geology and Development of Fuels. The author of a scientific hypothesis about the origin of oil from methane gas ("The genetic code of oil - planetary methane", Andreev V.N., The journal "Nedra of the Volga and Caspian regions", 2017)

Andreeva Gera Andreevna, engineer, chief engineer, worked in OJSC Samaraneftekhimproekt. She is the author of inventions for the petrochemical and oil refining industries, which have found widespread use in refineries in the Russian Federation.

Royal and noble-born origin

The paternal family - representatives of the Repnin's princely family, VolkonskyRaevskyKochubey, direct streams of the Chernigov branch of the Rurikovich. The direct ancestors of Raevskaya-Repnina came from the dynasties of KurakinNaryshkinObolenskyShakhovskyGlebov, Khrushchev, MenshikovGolitsynRakhmanovDolgorukovEropkinNesvitskyKhovrinSorokoumov-GlebovykhGolovinySaburovy, Davydovy, Samoilovy, Zubovy.

The paternal grandfather of Raevskaya-Repnina Mikhail Nikolaevich Shumilov (reliably place of birth, surname and first name unknown, date of birth according to documents around 1913, changed documents during the Red Terror, representative of the tribal branch of Kochubey and Repnin-Volkonsky, is listed as a native of Pyshminsky district of Sverdlovsk region ) - Colonel, participant of the Second World War. Participated in the Battle of Stalingrad, took part in the capture of Berlin, in the Battle of Kursk, and almost all major battles. Went through the entire war since 1939. Awards: the medal for the defense of Stalingradmedal for the capture of Berlin, 3 orders of the Red Starmedal for the capture of Budapestmedal for the liberation of Warsaw, many other medals and awards, which were later stolen and resold. In the Battle of Stalingrad, his entire battalion died, her grandfather remained the only survivor, having spent a day under the corpses.

Paternal grandmother Irina Romanovna Shumilova (date of birth and place of birth are reliably unknown, according to documents recorded in 1921, Oryol), great-granddaughter of Elena Sergeevna Volkonskaya-Rakhmanova, daughter of Elena Aleksandrovna Rakhmanova, second daughter of Volkonskaya-Rakhmanova from marriage to A. A. Rakhmanov. Volkonskaya-Rakhmanova (Kochubei, Molchanova) was living in the Dikanka estate in Ukraine during the beginning of the revolution and did not have time to emigrate. 

As a result, Elena Alexandrovna Rakhmanova was cut off from her relatives, who had already emigrated (see also Maria Giuliani). She returned to Russia, first to St. Petersburg and later to the Kuznetsovo lieu, where she lived with the Zubov nobles. I.R. Shumilova's documents executed in the city of Oryol, a few years after her birth, in the same place they issued documents for her other relatives. The exact dates and places of birth have been lost. Having fear for their lives, they tried to obtain documents dated by the dates of birth during their living in Oryol. The city of Oryol was the place where military nobles whose lives were planned to be saved were resettled.

Elena Aleksandrovna Rakhmanova, mother of Irina Romanovna, a graduate of Smolny, whose noble origin could not be hidden, during the revolution at the beginning of the Red Terror "lost" her documents and received new ones, took the surname Raevskaya. The choice was explained by the fact that Maria Nikolaevna Raevskaya-Volkonskaya, as the wife of the Decembrist Volkonsky, was a prominent figure, in fact, the wife of a state criminal who opposed the autocracy, and who voluntarily renounced the princely title in exchange for the right to live with her husband during his exile. The surname Raevskaya made it possible not to conceal belonging to one of the noble families of the Russian Empire, without having the status of a "counter-revolutionary element", since, in the terminology of the new government, Prince Volkonsky was the "correct" revolutionary element (see also the Decembrist Uprising). 

Besides, the feat of General Nikolai Nikolaevich Raevsky in the Battle of Borodino was widely known. Thus, Elena Alexandrovna hoped that Raevsky's surname would save her life since it was impossible to hide the origin. Rakhmanov's patronymic was taken by the recipient in baptism (Jacob, becoming Yakovlevna) to hide Rakhmanov's paternity. The Rakhmanovs is a noble family who owned the rights to a huge amount of real estate in Moscow and the Moscow region, including the Arkhangelskoye estate. Mikhail Nikolaevich Shumilov, the offspring of the Kochubeev and Repnin-Volkonsky branches, who took his name from the date of receipt of the passport, on the day of Mikhail the Archangel, did similar manipulations with documents. The reliable place and date of birth of Shumilov Mikhail Nikolaevich are still unknown.

Red terror and impact on family

In the period from 1919 to 1924. on the territory of the Russian Empire (USSR), there was mass extermination of nobles by the Bolsheviks.

"Counter-revolutionary elements" were struck in their rights. The family was terrified of the Red Terror since the presence of a noble origin automatically meant a death sentence. In the family, it was forbidden to talk about the origin, relatives, and family, especially the emigrated part of relatives. Later, after the end of the civil war, the attitude towards the nobles did not change. The Stalinist repressions were designed to complete the cleansing of the USSR population from "class enemies". The family also had losses associated with this (see the death of Daria Evgenievna Bogarne). Nobles were deprived of voting rights, were not admitted to the Communist party, and a lot of restrictions were created for them. The noble and especially royal origin was carefully hidden due to fears for the life and death of many close family mates as a result of the Red Terror. Giving up hereditary names and surnames was a way to save your life. The representatives of the dynasties who remained alive and did not have time to emigrate to Europe changed or lost their documents changed their surnames and names and took patronymics according to the recipients in Christ. The family witnessed the brutal reprisals against its members. During the Great Patriotic War, Elena Aleksandrovna Rakhmanova, together with her daughters - grandmother Raevskaya-Repnina Shumilova Irina Romanovna, her sisters Maria, Zinaida, and brother Alexander were in Leningrad during its blockade. By the "Road of life," they were evacuated. When moving, all leftover documents and family archives were finally lost. 

Name change

At birth in 1978, Raevskaya-Repnina bore the surname and name Shumilova Anna Sergeevna. Parents could not agree on how to name their daughter - the father insisted on the name Anna, the mother wanted to name Seraphim, according to family traditions, they should have named Maria. Grandmother and grandfather were silent because it was taboo to talk about the origin of the family. Nothing was said about the origin, the history of the family was hidden (see also deprivation of property and titles of noblesRed Terrordeprivation of voting rightsStalin's repressions, Daria Evgenievna Bogarne). As a result, Raevskaya-Repnina was named following the wishes of her father Anna. By the origin, Raevskaya-Repnina has the right to wear the princely title, as well as the titles of several ruling European dynasties, including such as HasburgsLuitpoldingsOldenburgsStenkiliSkjeldungiInglingiPrzhemyslovichiVukanovichiArpadaHolstein-Gottorp. In Russia, she is known as a princess from the Rurik dynasty, although more than 80% of the ancestors of Raevskaya-Repnina are descendants of other equally famous Scandinavian and European royal ruling families. Raevskaya-Repnina herself comments on the change of name as a natural desire to wear a hereditary name and surname corresponding to the traditions of the family. The traditions of the ancestors established the custom of changing the name when changing marital status, when moving from class to class, at baptism, as well as some other circumstances. Often not only the name changed, but also the patronymic, which was taken according to the recipient in church. Raevskaya-Repnina said that she was guided only by the history of origin and the analysis of the family tree to restore the branches of the family clan lost during the revolution. After the divorce and clarification of the origin, she had to change her name. In order not to shock those around her, and not to accept all the names and titles assigned to her by origin, she left the minimum possible number of names. Without changing the first name Anna, which was familiar to all her loved ones, she added the name Seraphima, adopted in the second church, to it, as well as the name Maria, which she should have been originally named if the family traditions were not hidden. She left her patronymic after her father.

Raevskaya-Repnina succeeded in many dynasty assets, many of them still are illegally controlled by Russian Federal Property Management Agency, the Russian Orthodox Church, and other private and state companies, individuals.

Holy family

The direct ancestors of Raevskaya-Repnina are well-known representatives of the ruling dynasties, warriors, politicians, canonized in Russia and abroad. Including: Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Prince VladimirHoly Prince Dmitry DonskoyHoly Prince Alexander NevskyHoly Prince Daniel of MoscowHoly noble princes Boris and GlebSt. Sophia of SuzdalSt. II OlavSt. Michael of ChernigovSaints Peresvet and Oslyabya. In the dynastic branches of Raevskaya-Repnina there is the Hungarian dynastic house of Arpadok - the house of the holy kings.

Entrepreneurship and career

Has been working since the age of 13. She sold shoes at a flea market, earned money for clothes and pocket money. She started her business in 2001, created her law firm "Consul". There was no start-up capital at all. The firm provided company registration and accounting services. The market was opaque, the services of liquidating companies without checking for bribes, cashing in funds, and other illegal activities were very popular, hence Raevskaya-Repnina did not want to be engaged in that. She dismissed the employees, closed the office, and in 2002 accepted the first job offer that came from the Sibirskiy Bereg company. She became a hired employee as head of the management accounting department in the Samara branch of the company. Until 2006, she submitted “zero” reporting for the Consul company, when she moved to Moscow in 2007, she liquidated the company during the reorganization, effectively ending her own business. 

In the period from 2002 to 2013, Raevskaya-Repnina worked as an employee: 

2003 - 2005 Branch of Volgotanker AMC LLC, Head of the Internal Audit Department. The company was liquidated as part of the Yukos case, Raevskaya-Repnina was forced to look for a new job. 

2005 - 2006 Alcoa Russia, Head of Compliance, was responsible for the project of the first application of SOX404 at the enterprises of the former Rusal flat rolling products division 

2007 - 2008 Eldorado, Audit Director, reporting directly to Igor Yakovlev.

She refused a job offer at the latest interview due to the "black salary" offered to her and reporting to the head of security. 2 months later, Eldorado contacted her with a message that they walked through the whole market and don't work hire somebody else except her. They approved all her requests providing her with a "white" official salary and reporting to Igor Yakovlev.

2008 - 2013 Investment Director, AFK Sistema PJSC, has reported to F.V. Evtushenkov and later to Uzdenov A.M. at Sistema, Raevskaya-Repnina was responsible for consumer assets, worked with F.V. Evtushenkov also in the Basic Assets business unit. She was a member of the Board of Directors of Bashkirenergo OJSCMTS BankPJSC (formerly MBRD), as well as Detsky Mir, MedsiIntouristMosdachtrest, and many other organizations. She was involved in restructuring Sistema Hals' debt with VTB, the size of the debt-to-equity swap deal is estimated at $ 1.6 billion; as part of the deal, VTB transferred the rights to the Detsky Mir building on LubyankaGOK Beijing, and several other assets of Sistema Hals and MGTS. Conducted a transaction to purchase Investlesprom from PJSC VTB before the conflict in PJSC AFK Sistema (see the conflict with Sistema). As a result of sexual harassment and conflict in Sistema due to the Investlesprom deal, she filed a resignation letter of her own free will, but she was forced to withdraw the application and sign a dismissal agreement, according to which she was deprived of bonuses (see the Conflict with Sistema). Leaving Sistema, forcibly abandoning the required bonuses, with practically zero start-up capital, Raevskaya-Repnina founded BOOST, in which she invested $ 83,000 of her funds (see Interview to the Rare Earth magazine.

By the time she left Sistema, Raevskaya-Repnina began, among other things, to specialize in investments in the timber industry in the Russian Federation and abroad. In 2014 she opened the international forum PAP-FOR together with Rainer Haagblom. Raevskaya-Repnina and Haagblom acted as moderators and key speakers of the first session of the "Investments in the timber industry" round table.

As Raevskaya-Repnina says, she practically did not have any savings, since everything she earned was invested in herself - she constantly studied and bought books. After leaving AFK Sistema in 2014, Raevskaya-Repnina is CEO, owner, and founder of the BOOST private equity firm. The BOOST group includes more than 350 organizations. Some of them are currently not under the operational and legal control of BOOST (see Toxic Assets). At the moment, the balance sheet currency of BOOST is more than 17 trillion rubles, the amount of the company's net assets as of December 31, 2020, according to RAS financial statements (forecast) is more than $460 billion. BOOST develops only at its own expense, debt free. The consolidated size of the BOOST group's assets is about $0.5 trillion. The company emphasizes that it conducts exclusively white legal and legal business, and does not cooperate with enterprises that do not comply with its ethical principles. 

Raevskaya-Repnina CEO, owner, and founder of the HASHEIGHT technology corporation, Turnaround Guide company, 2R law firm. 

In the period from 2009 to 2017, she was an independent director, held the positions of a member of the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors, Member of the Strategy Committee of the Board of Directors, member of the Remuneration and Appointment Committee in the following companies: Detsky Mir Center OJSCVAO IntouristCJSC GK MedsiPJSC AKB MBRD (currently PJSC MTS-Bank)East-West United Bank (Luxembourg)Dalcombank, CJSC City-Hals, BESKOJSC BashkirenergAO RoselectronicsSibgiprobum and a number of other Russian companies, including those with state participation.



Raevskaya-Repnina is the sole beneficiary of the BOOST private equity fund. The fund specializes in projects that yield the highest returns with the highest inherent risk: toxic assets, ultra-innovative early-stage projects, mature companies in crisis, and promising startups in insolvency. The fund's core competencies are gaining control over toxic assets, corporate turnaround, impact investing, social entrepreneurship. BOOST's business model is to buy complex toxic projects for minimal cash at the entrance to the project, and the money that comes from the monetization of toxic assets is reinvested only in its startups. BOOST does not consider side projects.

Toxic Assets


BOOST buys the rights of shareholders and business owners who have lost their assets as a result of a raider takeover. The standard deal structure is that BOOST pays $ 1 in cash, and then deals with the return of assets and business recovery, 50% of all collected assets are returned to the seller of rights. 

In 2017, BOOST acquired from Oleg Yakovlev the rights to the Bananamama company in 2018 - the rights to 50% of the company SLATER, which was the beneficiary of the holding for the sale of household electrical appliances Eldorado, Kaliningrad plant Baltmikst, Omsk Sibzavod, Nizhny Novgorod flour mill, as well as many other assets in the Russian Federation and Europe. The acquired rights allow BOOST to challenge the sale of the Eldorado holding and the real estate SLATER to PPF, and later to the structures of Mikhail Gutseriev. The deal price paid by BOOST for Yakovlev's assets is $ 2. Similarly, BOOST acquired from O.S. Martynov and Martynova K.O. the rights to the business of the Smart Heat companies, and the rights to a 50% share in the Sunrise business, previously owned by Sergei Bobylev. BOOST owns a portfolio of brand names Bananamama, Sunrise, and many others. The size of the acquired assets (valuation of acquired rights according to RAS data) for these projects is more than $ 56 billion. For these rights BOOST paid $ 4 in cash. At the moment, BOOST owns the rights to such assets as Bananamama taken over by raiders, Eldorado, Omsk Sibzavod, Sunrise, Teploservis, Smart Heat, and many other projects. BOOST also acts in the interest of A.F. Borodin in the case of the Bank of Moscow and concerning the Investlesprom project. Asset Recovery and Remediation is the first core business of BOOST.


In the course of restoring the violated rights of shareholders, whose rights were acquired by BOOST, numerous attempts are made concerning BOOST to gain control over the acquired rights. This is probably done to prevent BOOST from restoring violated shareholders' rights and to prevent BOOST from receiving loss indemnification - compensation for businesses ruined and destroyed by raiders. 4 murder assaults were executed against Raevskaya-Repnina, numerous robberies and theft of documents, a burning attempt was made against her house, and 6 of her service dogs were poisoned. Also, her expensive Porsche 911 Turbo S car was stolen, her father's car was burned, and numerous other illegal actions were taken against both Raevskaya - Repnina herself and her family. Organic toxic assets are the rights and claims arising from Raevskaya-Repnina, her businesses, and her family in connection with illegal actions performed against them in connection with the professional activities of Raevskaya-Repnina.

Early Stage Projects

BOOST's second focus is on ultra-innovative startups with global growth potential. BOOST creates projects with fundamentally new products or business models. Major industries - computer game development, industrial materials, industrial production, software, bio-robots, neurophysiology, rehabilitation, robotics, surgery and reconstructive medicine, consumer goods without animal ingredients (vegan food, vegan clothing, household chemicals, perfumery, cosmetics). At the moment, most of the projects are structurally disposed into the HASHEIGHT corporation. BOOST and HASHEIGHT own the rights to projects: HIRO Neuronet Connector, # 8 Plug & play business tracker, Crystal Ball, Pink Sapphire, Problematica, Prospector, Augmented People, Project 3000, Rare Food, Rare Apparel, Vision, Santa Fe, Happy Harry, RKY. The BOOST Group is developing its media holding, which is at an early stage of its development. It includes the brands Blek Sheep Digital Marketing and the #davnosti news outreach project. Raevskaya-Repnina also develops the #holybitch project, which is a periodic publication of sarcastic quotes and expressions, both borrowed and their own.


BOOST manages the assets inherited by Raevskaya-Repnina. The aggregate estimate of the inherited mass of only Russian assets, excluding the number of losses caused during the illegal use of the property of the Raevskaya-Repnina family, is more than $ 370 billion. The estate includes more than 150 palaces, estates, estates, land plots in the Russian Federation and Ukraine, religious objects, art objects. Among the assets to which Raevskaya-Repnina has rights are the Arkhangelskoye estate, the Vorontsovo estate, the Marfino estate, the Menshikov Palace, the Tsaritsyno estate, the territory of the Neskuchny garden park, the Volkonskys' buildings on Volkhonka, the Repnin courtyard and the Moscow State University building on Mokhovaya, Tretyakov gallery, Simonov monastery, Donskoy monastery, and many other assets of a similar nature.


Raevskaya-Repnina is the founder and sole owner of HASHEIGHT. It is a new age technology corporation that produces products and services to transform people's lives. The main product is the development of immersive computer reality for business and everyday life. Besides, HASHEIGHT develops software for the game and interaction with it, equipment for players (AR / VR) with augmented reality technologies, real electronic and organic artifacts, devices, and devices for use in the game and real life. The youngest HASHEIGHT project is the Augmented People project, which conducts research and development of the transformation mechanisms of the human body to improve the gaming experience and improve the physiological and intellectual abilities of the body (cyborgs, biorobots).

Turnaround Guide

Turnaround guide is a consulting company founded by Raevskaya-Repnina, which deals only with projects on corporate turnaround, business transformation, change management.

2R Law Firm

2R is a law firm founded by Raevskaya-Repnina, which represents the interests of Raevskaya-Repnina, BOOST, and all businesses of the group. 2R specializes in cases against organized crime, protection against raider seizures, and recovery of stolen assets.

Oxford and UK collaboration

Raevskaya-Repnina is a graduate of the Said Business SchoolOxford University. During the period from 2011 to 2013, she studied at the EMBA program, which she graduated in 2012. The graduation ceremony took place in March 2013. Raevskaya-Repnina received a Master of Business Administration degree. During her studies at Oxford, Raevskaya-Repnina was a member of St Hugh's College. In 2016, Raevskaya-Repnina was elected Vice President of the Oxford Business Alumni Steering Committee in Russia (Oxford Business Alumni Steering Committee, Moscow Chapter), re-elected in 2018 for a second term (a candidate can hold a post no more than 2 times in a row), and remained in office until 2020, until the election of a new committee. Publicly supports the projects of Oxford University alumni and their classmates. He actively collaborates with alumni of Said Business School, Oxford scientific and business communities. Supports innovative social investment projects (ESG, impact investing), collaborating with #startedinoxford and the UK government initiative Innovate UK.

Conflict with Sistema

In 2012-2013, she was working under the leadership of A.M. Uzdenov led the transaction for the purchase of the Investlesprom business from PJSC VTB in the interests of PJSC AFK Sistema. In August 2013, she found out that PJSC VTB has no legal rights to the asset, and that A.F. Borodin is its legal beneficiary. She began to insist on structuring the purchase transaction with Borodin and in negotiations with him, refused to continue the transaction to purchase Investlesprom from VTB. As a result, corporate mobbing was initiated against Raevskaya-Repnina and her employees. Raevskaya-Repnina was forced to leave the company, and AFK Sistema PJSC later completed the acquisition of Investlesprom from VTB PJSC. When she was fired, Raevskaya-Repnina was forced to sign an agreement on the waiver of the bonuses which she signed out of fears for her future career, reputation, life, and health. After working on the last day at PJSC AFK Sistema on December 31, 2013, Raevskaya-Repnina founded BOOST, which in 7 years turned it into the largest private company with practically no start-up capital only through her intelligence and contacts. 

Earlier in 2011, she refused to have an intimate relationship with the married Evtushenkov F.V., the son of the largest major shareholder of AFK Sistema PJSC V. Evtushenkov, who from 2008 to 2012 was her direct manager. After the refusal, she was demoted in position and remuneration, and in 2012 she transferred to subordination on her initiative to A.M. Uzdenov, where she led the transaction for the purchase of Investlesprom until she left AFK Sistema PJSC. Assumes that corporate bullying was unleashed against her not so much and not only because of the Investlesprom project, but because she departed from F.V. Yevtushenkov. 

In 2017, she submitted the claim to the law enforcement authorities regarding PJSC AFK Sistema in connection with harm to her health and non-payment of bonuses, as well as in connection with other circumstances of the transaction to purchase PJSC AFK Sistema from PJSC VTB the business of Investlesprom, which it considers illegal. She claims that she was not going to fight with the System, but could no longer allow her to oppose her in doing business. She claimed that PJSC AFK Sistema lured her friends and subordinates to work, and also took many other unethical and illegal actions against her and BOOST to prevent Raevskaya-Repnina from running an independent business, while at the same time pushing Raevskaya-Repnina to return to PJSC AFK Sistema or to sell a business. After filing a statement, she claimed that the conflict took on a very tough character, and after negotiations between Raevskaya-Repnina and A.F. Borodin. on the representation of his interests in the case of Bank of Moscow and Investlesprom against PJSC AFK Sistema, as well as the purchase of claims in connection with the raider seizure of Bananamama and Eldorado, several murder assaults were made against her life, documents were repeatedly stolen from her office and home, and several robbers were organized attacks. 

The last robbery was carried out by her former best friend Ramazanova (general director of Segezha Group OTSO LLC), with whom they were friends for almost 20 years. 

Ramazanova, after Raevskaya-Repnina's appeal about PJSC AFK Sistema, in 2017 was employed by Investlesprom in subordination to the former head of Raevskaya-Repnina, Uzdenov A.M. After that, during the conflict with Sistema, Ramazanova stopped communicating with Raevskaya-Repnina, but did not inform Raevskaya-Repnina about Ramazanova's employment in the subsidiary company of AFK PJSC. In 2019, Ramazanova invited Raevskaya-Repnina to her apartments to live after Raevskaya-Repnina was attacked in her house and after the laptop of Raevskaya-Repnin was stolen, and she was forced to sign documents for the transfer of rights of Raevskaya-Repnina's business. After moving to Ramazanova's apartment, from Ramazanova's apartment, documents confirming the ownership rights of Raevskaya-Repnina for the title to the BOOST, HASHEIGHT businesses, and several other projects were stolen. When Raevskaya-Repnina has found out this fact, and claimed against Ramazanova, Ramazanova organized a robbery of Raevskaya-Repnina and her mother, beat Raevskaya-Repnina, and also brought unknown men who beat Raevskaya-Repnina and her mother. 

After that, Raevskaya-Repnina's vision has been significantly deteriorated. 

After the beginning of the conflict with Sistema, BOOST and other assets of Raevskaya-Repnina were repeatedly subjected to attempts at raider seizure and forcing Raevskaya-Repnina to sell or simply transfer the business. In 2019, after another robbery, Raevskaya-Repnina sent donation agreements for her entire business to F.V. Yevtushenkov, retaining the right to start-ups. Further, after Raevskaya-Repnina refused to transfer or sell the business in full. After this refusal the subdivisions of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation carried out illegal actions to illegally liquidate all enterprises in which Raevskaya-Repnina was listed as the CEO or founder.

Bananamama and Eldorado

In 2017, BOOST acquired claims from Oleg Yakovlev against an indefinite number of persons who carried out the hostile takeover and bankruptcy of Bananamama, the largest retail company selling children's products in Russia. In 2008, the company's revenue was supposed to be $ 685 million, and Bananamama was supposed to grow bigger than Detsky Mir, owned by AFK Sistema PJSC in size. Oleg Yakovlev claims that Alfa Group is directly involved in the ruin of Banananama and its capture (see also Open letter to Mikhail Fridman). Yakovlev claims that his brother Igor Yakovlev and employees of the consortium of Alfa Group (companies A1 and Alfa-Bank) were forced to rewrite the share in Bananamam's company to persons associated with them. Oleg Yakovlev did not rewrite his share, for fear for the lives of his children he left Russia. According to official figures, he is currently living with his three children in the United States. The location is not known for certain. In addition to the rights to Bananamama, BOOST owns the rights to the company Eldorado, control over which was lost as a result of the start of a "custom" tax audit, the subsequent initiation of credit withdrawals by creditors, and the sale of Eldorado first to PPF, and later to the Safmar group. He is currently engaged in litigation against Alfa Group, PJSC AFK Sistema, PPF, Safmar group, and many other defendants.


Control over the company passed to PJSC VTB as part of the Bank of Moscow Criminal Case. After the appraisal of Investlesprom's assets was completed, the General Director of ZAO Investlesprom Dmitry Maslov died in a plane crash over Petrozavodsk, and Investlesprom was sold out in parts. BOOST acts in the interest of A.F. Borodin, a former shareholder of the Bank of Moscow, to return to him the rights to the assets of Investlesprom, which makes it possible to completely remove the charges against A.F. Borodin. in the case of the Bank of Moscow and the return of all other lost assets to it. Raevskaya-Repnina connects attempts on her life and robberies with this litigation, as well as with the litigation of Bananamama.

Software & Inventions

HIRO Neuronet Connector, #8 Plug & play Business Tracker, Crystal Ball, Pink Sapphire, HETL, Smartlinks.


Top-100 of the most successful women-bankers in Russia. 

Private life

Religious views

At the age of 15, she was baptized in the Nikonian Orthodox Church in the Magadan region. In 2018, she switched to the Old Believers, was baptized in the Intercession Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church. At the moment she does not consider herself to belong to any religious confession, she is engaged in the study of religion and natural law.


11/19/1999 Raevskaya-Repnina married Andreev Evgeny Vladimirovich. The marriage was found to be invalid, as were all marriage documents. In 2003 Andreev E.V. initiated a "divorce", which on 16.12.2003 was also issued with invalid documents. There were no children in an invalid marriage. Not knowing about the invalidity of the marriage, Raevskaya-Repnina in the period from 1999 to 2017 bore the name of Andreev's ex-husband. She says that she did not change her surname, because she mistakenly considered it her hereditary - Andreeva's mother's maiden name Raevskaya-Repnina. 

Since 2014, Raevskaya-Repnina began to study the genealogical tree and found out her origin, as well as the name and surname that she should have had if the Great October Socialist Revolution had not happened in 1917 and there would have been no subsequent events (Red terror, War communism, Stalinist repression, the destruction of the nobility). 

Since 2016, Raevskaya-Repnina has been dealing with the issue of restoring marital status, searching for remaining relatives, collecting documents from the family archive, reissuing personal documents, and entering into inheritance rights. 

At the moment, the Presnensky Court of Moscow is hearing a case on recognizing the marriage of Raevskaya-Repnina with E.V. Andreev invalid. 


Currently not married, no children. Doesn't meet with anyone officially. Leads a completely closed lifestyle. Communication limits the circle of Oxford University alumni and business contacts in the USA and Great Britain. Keeps on friendly terms with Jim Rogers. In 2008, there were rumors about a relationship with Igor Yakovlev. In 2018, after the start of negotiations with A.F. Borodin on the Investlesprom project on the Facebook page made a publication about marriage to Borodin, but no further comments on this matter were followed. According to media reports, Borodin is officially married to Korsakova. In 2019, articles about the relationship between Raevskaya-Repnina and F.V. Evtushenkov appeared in the yellow press. It was suggested that Raevskaya-Repnina and Evtushenkov were in a relationship during the period of Raevskaya-Repnina's work at PJSC AFK Sistema. However Evtushenkov F.V did not comment on these circumstances, and Raevskaya-Repnina categorically denies that she has any connection with F.V. Evtushenkov. Claims that these rumors are devoid of any basis since she does not meet with married men for religious reasons. and comments that "I used to make money with my brain."


She was engaged in karate kyokushinkai, a member of IKO, trained by Valentin Gedz (black belt, V Dan). Trained in Russian billiards. Certified alpine skiing instructor. Practicing in auto and motorcycle sports, active driving. She is fond of music, literature, painting, collects contemporary art, collects a library of business literature and art literature. Reads a lot, mainly professional literature. Speaks Russian, English, French, Spanish, German, studies the Mandarin dialect of the Chinese language and modern Arabic.

  • Anna Maria Serafima Raevskaya-Repnina is an entrepreneur, owner & founder of the BOOST private equit
  • Anna Maria Serafima Raevskaya-Repnina is an entrepreneur, owner & founder of the BOOST private equit
  • Anna Maria Serafima Raevskaya-Repnina is an entrepreneur, owner & founder of the BOOST private equit
  • Anna Maria Serafima Raevskaya-Repnina is an entrepreneur, owner & founder of the BOOST private equit
  • Anna Maria Serafima Raevskaya-Repnina is an entrepreneur, owner & founder of the BOOST private equit
  • Anna Maria Serafima Raevskaya-Repnina is an entrepreneur, owner & founder of the BOOST private equit
  • Anna Maria Serafima Raevskaya-Repnina is an entrepreneur, owner & founder of the BOOST private equit
  • Anna Maria Serafima Raevskaya-Repnina is an entrepreneur, owner & founder of the BOOST private equit
  • Anna Maria Serafima Raevskaya-Repnina is an entrepreneur, owner & founder of the BOOST private equit
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