Statue with Black Plastic


Raevskaya-Repnina is interested in digital design, digital marketing, and painting. Below you can find some of her work. The content of the art section in full will be available soon on her blog pages on Deviant Art and Tumblr.

Digital Gospel

My walls and posters are not just a simple sporadic arrangement of the symbols. Of course, their symbolism has its meaning. They are multi-senses digital stories explaining in natural language the basics of religion, belief, and God. The walls and posters, which I do, tell the story of religion, sins, Jesus' resurrection, and many other Bible and Gospels tales. On the posters combined with accompanying tablets and wallpapers on the background, you may read my own story and history of my business. If you think of a business as a building, then every wall is a part of that building. The element explaining the history of my business is written by the blood and tears ad verbum. The price paid by me to create that was extremely high. But this part is not the entire story. You can extract from walls and posters the sense of many religious books starting from Genesis up to Apocalypsis, discover many paroemias from Gospels, learn a lot about sins, and perceive the depth of sins in true belief to cognize God. Human language is unable to retranslate that. I use visual symbols referencing certain pieces of fine art, books, films, traveling experiences, getting to know which you will be able to cognize God at the depth I achieved. My walls and posters explain these very complicated stories in natural language that consists of visual patterns and understandable for everyone. You can learn from that the sense of sins, true religion, and belief. Many of the posters and walls contain a direct reference to certain things, discovering which you can know more about belief, religion, and God. The more allusions you see, the deeper you dive into the God cognization ocean, which is infinite. The same about the posters. Each of them contains a gazillion of symbols and references that help you to see the big picture. How to use that? Look at the poster. Read the tablet. Look at the whole wall, and get the first direct references, allusions, and impressions that come into your mind. Check this reference and try to conceive that by heart. And repeat. Every day you will see much more.