CEO, Owner & Founder of the BOOST private equity firm.

Total assets NAV is $189,25 bln as of December 31st, 2019.

CEO, Owner & Founder of the HASHEIGHT techno corporation, 2R law firm, TURNAROUND GUIDE advisory company.

Founder of the 22 startups.


Turnaround Guide

Corporate Turnaround & Business Transformation professional with more than 20 years of professional experience in the various well-known companies including Fortune-500.



Oxford Business Alumni, CIA, CCSA, CISA.

At present, studying at Harvard University, Stanford University, MIT in medicine, computer science, physics.

More than 20 years of extensive professional experience in private equity, corporate finance, accounting, economics, audit, law, corporate governance in various Russian and foreign companies including Fortune-500.



Dynast of a variety of noble and royal dynasties from Russia and abroad. Grand-granddaughter of Nikolay Raevsky, the Russian General, a hero of the Napoleon war of 1812, and Nikolay Repnin, Field Marschal, Imperial Russian statesman, and general from the Repnin princely family.





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